About Us

We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality Products

We know how passionate you are about your craft. We will continually work to create the most innovative and useful products to help you make creating easy.

Our Story

It started with an idea. A solution was needed and we were sure others wanted it too. Mike had invented other products and was intrigued when a neighbor described the problem and the need for a product. The next day the first prototype was printed. Progress was slow for about a year with little time and collaboration to create the tool. Once we started sharing some prototypes, the feedback rolled in to make the product the best it could be!

Now we just need to raise the funds to create it in a fashion that will be strong and durable and to be able to mass produce it so we can meet the demand. Kickstarter is a great place to go for this type of fundraising. Mike has used Kickstarter successfully in the past with another invention and has learned a lot about the process. We have the manufacturing and the distribution all lined up and ready to go. We just need enough people to show us they are interested and willing to invest with us. Learn more about Kickstarter here.

We went through many different prototypes to test the strength of the design and and made adjustments along the way to make sure we improved where it was needed. We hope you love it as much as we do.

The problem was there and all it took was a little thought to create a solution.

We love to create solutions. We believe that there are still millions of things to be invented and we intend to help bring many to the world to make creating easier.

Our Team

It all started with an idea. Someone needs to make inserting safety eyes easier. When Mike was approached by a neighbor who loves to crochet with a request to design a tool to make safety eye application easier, he started designing right away. The tool went through many iterations to get where it is today.

We want to make quality tools for all to use. We don’t believe in making cheap products so you will come back to buy more. We believe that everything e we make should be made to last!