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Q. Are these currently available? When will They Be Avaliable?

A. No. They will be available after the Kickstarter ends and we are able to manufacture them. This will take a few months to complete.

Q. How much do they cost?

A. $14 (So really less than a penny per eye attached!)

Q. What is Kickstarter

A. A fundraising platform for new ideas Find more info here: https://help.kickstarter.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004996453-What-is-Kickstarter

    Q. How did you come up with the idea?

    A. A neighbor asked me to create a solution for safety eyes.

      Q. Can I test the tool? How do I test a prototype?

      A. If you have a Social Media account with high engagement and a large follower account (Over 2,000) we may be interested in sending you a free product to test and share. Please fill out this form for consideration. We do not respond to all submissions.

        Q. When will they be available to purchase?

        A. After the Kickstarter orders are fulfilled we will start setting up retail relationships.

          Q. Do you ship internationally?

          A. Yes. We hope to ship to all countries.

            Q. How much is shipping?

            A. $5 to the USA and Between $16-$35 to other countries. (More Details will be in the Kickstarter campaign.)

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