What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a pier funding platform that helps small businesses to create the funds to manufacture a product. When a product is launched on Kickstarter, everyone in the “backer” community (you) has the opportunity to “back” the project. As a reward for helping the project come to life, you are the first to get the product and you will get it at a discounted price.

When you back a campaign on Kickstarter, that action is called a pledge. You do not get charged at the time of the pledge. The charge does not happen until the end of the campaign (30 days in our case) and only if the campaign reaches it’s funding goal.

After a successful campaign, we move forward with manufacturing and distributing the product. This process often takes several months to complete. Kickstarter backers will be the first to receive the new product before it goes to retail. Retail price for this product will be $24.99. The discounted Kickstarter price is $16. That is more than a 30% discount!

Reaching the Goal

This is where things get a little tricky so stick with me. For a company to be able to fulfill a product they must be profitable. That means there must be enough money to pay for the manufacturing which in our case includes the creation of a mold, packaging materials and labor to do the shipping. They must also have money to recoup operating costs to get where they are. This includes marketing costs, R&D costs, employee costs if there are any, etc. There must also be funds beyond just the bare minimum of fulfilling the Kickstarter campaign. They need operating capital to start their business and create what you (the backers) and we (the company) both want. A long term beneficial relationship.

The way Kickstarter works is based on an algorithm just like any other website. The Kickstarter algorithm rewards those campaigns who come out of the gate strong and especially those who continue strong. This means, the goal set for the campaign needs to be achieved as soon as possible. If the set goal is achieved in the first day, that is a huge bonus! If it is surpassed in the first hour, even better!

For this reason, many companies now do the work they know they need to do up front (marketing, building the anticipation, promotion, videos, press…) and then set the Kickstarter goal lower than what they actually need. When that goal is hit fast, Kickstarter takes noticed and steps in to help share the campaign.

This is where we ran into a lot of confusion in the first attempt. It is pretty much impossible to share all information with every single backer since some will read and some will not and some come in early and some later. Realistically, we will need at least $110,300 just to create the mold and fulfill the Kickstarter and perhaps pay ourselves back for all the costs involved in getting to this point. That amount will not not allow us to step away from a job and focus full time on building a company. We need to hit a much bigger number for that to happen. I believe that is possible with your help.

The initial goal for the campaign will be set at $110,300. This will allow us to have all the funds needed to fulfill the campaign orders and to offer a small amount of future orders.. I believe that we can surpass this in the first hour because of the interest in the product. I have seen what the community has done to rally around this product. I have seen your passion for the product. I understand how valuable it is to you. I want you to know that I have put thousands of hours into this over the past year and I will be putting thousands more into it in the comping weeks.

I have a passion for helping others. I have a passion for positive thinking and I have a passion for creating things.

Because of You

Craft Easy Tools is not just me. It is not about me. This will be a huge success because of you. It will be a huge success because you share it. It will succeed because you want it to. When you tell a friend, family member, or followers about this tool, you are creating the success to bring it to the world for everyone. The only way this can become a reality to truly bless the lives of everyone who wants it, is because you will be sharing it like wildfire.

Break The Internet

Do any of you remember when Ellen broke Twitter with a post? So many people responded, that it overwhelmed the servers and shut down the site. It was more traffic than the servers were set to handle. Wouldn’t it be cool if this happened here? Aside from the fact that it would put a slight kink in everyone’s day, it would get the attention of the whole world. Everyone would know that Amigurumi is not just grandma’s hobby. It will help build the entire community. That’s all I’m asking, is for you to help me break Kickstarter on April 18th.


So, to recap, here are the important bullet points.

  • Kickstarter helps new businesses start
  • You get to be first to have the official product at a steep discount from retail
  • The goal is to go big or go home
  • You get to be part of making it big
  • You get to help us “break” the internet
  • The Amigurumi community gets a new, much needed tool
  • Craft Easy Tools will be here to stay and will do many great things for many people around the world

Thank you all so much!


Mike Wood
Craft Easy Tools