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The Amigurumi Safety Eye Snapper Tool. Where has it been all your life? So many who work with amigurumi have asked for an easier way to attach the eyes and noses. We created the solution so you can now Craft Easy!

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This is only a pre-order for the final product. We must raise an immense amount of money in order to be able to create the final product. Your pre-order will assist in raising those funds. All money paid through this product option will be used along with funds raised through Kickstarter to complete manufacturing of the final product.

By ordering here, you agree and recognize that,

  • You are NOT going to receive a product right away. (It will take several months to raise the funds and create the tools)
  • There will be absolutely no refunds as the money you are donating here allows us to pay for manufacturing of the product and these funds will be used right away toward this end
  • Shipping for this product will not happen for at least 4 months, which allows for time to raise enough funds to create the mold and the product
  • This pre-order is NOT for a prototype 3D printed product but is for the final tool that will be much stronger than a 3D printed product
  • Shipping is expensive and any shipping outside the USA will cost more than the tool itself.

We will be offering a few more prototypes in small batches. We will send out notifications when available to our newsletter list. (Sign up above)

The Amigurumi Safety Eye Pliers Tool product is a game changer for Amigurumi! Anyone can now secure safety eyes on any design with ease. No more sore fingers and hands. No more carpal tunnel and goodbye arthritis! Well, I guess we can’t claim a cure for these things but we certainly can tell you that securing your safety eyes no longer needs to be a contributor. Amigurumi Safety Eye Pliers will certainly make creating amigurumi easier.

One side of the pliers has an indent for the eye and the other has a hole to allow for the back of the safety eye. one hand can easily press the washer into place to secure the safety eye.

Size Details

Sizing was updated in February 2024 thanks to lots of feedback and testing. The tool is now available in just one size that is a 3 in 1 tool covering all safety eyes from 4mm up to about 30mm.

The Amigurumi Safety Eye Snapper Tool is currently in development and will soon be available for pre-order through Kickstarter. You can also pre-order through this product. The tools will not be shipped until enough funds are raised for us to create the final tools. The minimum amount needed for this is $110,000.

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