There is so much to explain with all of this and the more I try the more I realize there will always be somebody who didn’t read, didn’t hear or for whatever reason, don’t understand. I created this page to try and clarify everything.

Positive Thinking Creates

Keep in mind that as you read all of this, I am just trying to be open and completely transparent. Above all, I hope you will first know that I am a positive thinker first. That does not mean that every second of my life I think positive but it does mean that I recognize the power of positive thinking. It means that I am able to do what I have thus far because it comes easier for me than it does for many. I’m grateful for that but I also recognize that I am far from perfect. Just keep in mind that if we put all our positive energy together, we can create amazing things!

Why Not 3D Printing?

3D printing is a slow and inefficient manufacturing process. It cannot currently create a product strong enough to do the job needed. It is not a profitable approach to sustain a business. Not only is it slow to manufacture the parts (3 hours per part) but each part requires clean up and assembly. For every tool that is printed, there is 10 minutes of manual time required to clean it up, assemble it and ship it. This means that I can do about 6 total such shipments per hour after they are printed. I also am not able to monitor the printers 24 hours a day since I work full time, so with three 3D printers running I am only able to print about 14 completed tools per 24 hour period. Then add approximately 2.3 hours of assembly and handling time to this and you can see how it can swallow up my time. And that’s if everything goes perfect, which it doesn’t always do.

There are companies claiming they can create products cheaper and faster than injection molding through 3D printing. This is a marketing lie. It is not sustainable to outsource the 3D printing for manufacture of a product like this. It needs a more efficient type of manufacturing such as injection molding. 

With injection molding a tool set can be kicked out of the machine every minute instead of every 3 hours. Hundreds if not thousands can be created in a day. 

If you do not want to wait for the final product or you just want a 3D printed tool in the mean time, you can order one here. These are not warrantied in any way, When they break, they will not be replaced.

Being a Backer on Kickstarter

Kickstarter is all or nothing. It is a place for a community to come together to help inventors bring something into reality. 

We all need to come together to reach the funding goal in order to move forward. If we do not reach the funding goal, the campaign will not be funded, you will not be charged, and the tools will not be created. 

This means that everyone who wants this tool in a fashion that can sustain the demand, has a vested interest in becoming a backer and a promoter to make sure funds are raised to create this tool. While Kickstarter is a great platform, it is still only as good as the awareness created. 

Creating awareness is done either by word of mouth or by marketing. Marketing requires money to run ads and as previously mentioned, that is not something I have. I have used thousands of dollars from my income and side businesses to do the prototyping and to help create awareness for the product but there is a limit to the credit and income I have available.

I’m One Person

I’m doing this as one person and I have recognized from the beginning that I need the right team in order to make this business work long term. That has always been my goal and I’ve had many of you stand up and assist to create the awareness that has been needed for this tool thus far. 

I am not a millionaire but rather, like you, I work paycheck to paycheck to make ends meet. This also means that I have limited time to do all that needs to be done for everything related to this product. If you want 3D printed tools, I create them, clean them up, package them and ship them. I often have help from my family but not always. If creating 3D printed products to ship out, not only do I need to respond to all of you who are unhappy when the tool is not strong enough or when it breaks, but I am still responsible for every other aspect of this business.

This includes website creation, content, product creation, photography, logo design, and other graphic design elements. In addition to the website, somebody needs to create content for social media updates, ads, videos and anything related to social media content. This is why most content is on one platform, Instagram. It simply is not humanly possible for one person to keep all social media platforms working properly and efficiently as needed for a business with such limited time. 

After a 10-14 hour day of work, I usually drive home, eat, shower and lay down to bed so I can get up the next day and go back to work. You know how it is. When my head hits the pillow, sleep often does not come because this is the time that my mind finally has a moment to think only about the business, product design, marketing ideas, etc. Often I do not sleep well because I am thinking about all of the responsibilities or aspects of creating this product. That often means that on my day off when I have time to actually work on all of this, I’m not working at 100%. Sometimes that entire day is spent recovering. Know that I’m doing the best I can to get this out there but it is not a simple thing for one person without time or money to do.

I am extremely grateful for those of you who have assisted me in creating content, sharing and even helping me manage questions at times. If I don’t say it, know that I feel it. I am just busy with updates like this and other important factors to make this all come together.

Being Transparent

I have stated in clear wording and often bold lettering on my website and Etsy and in information on social media that the fundraising is a pre-order process to build a pool of funds large enough to create the tool. 

With all of this done, I still have people messaging me each week asking when they will get their tool or when they will be available. I am working to make this entire process as clear as possible. I’m also trying to be brief in all communication because I know how busy you all are and I am aware that many simply won’t read all the information I provide. Please know that I am trying to be as completely transparent as humanly possible. Even with that, I will fail at times. There will always be someone who feels I have not been clear or honest or that I can do things in a better fashion. 

Know that I am doing all I can to share as much with you as possible about this entire process.

If you have questions that are not clarified here, please read the FAQ page found here.

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  1. We want a set of the safety eye tools so bad, keep it up do t give up, we will back what we can when it’s ready

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