Easy Safety Eye Snapper

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Without your help, this tool will not be made.
Kickstarter is the way to raise the funds so that we can create the official tool that is not just a 3-D printed prototype. Raising the funding will allow us to make the number of tools needed to meet demand in a strong lifelong material. We will be able to make hundreds if not thousands of the tools each day instead of just 10. They will be far stronger than the 3D prototypes you have seen or used thus far.

Pledge now to make this a reality. By making a pledge on Kickstarter you are promising to add the chosen amount toward funding the product. In return you will receive the rewards you select on Kickstarter. Pledging or “Backing” the campaign is the way you are able to join with all who want this tool to be made to make it a reality.
The last day pledges can be made is Friday June 21st. Link listed below.


We are creating the tools that make crafting easier for you. If you need a solution, contact us and we will create it. We love being creative and would love to involve you in the process and even pay you for your ideas. Contact us to find out more.

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See what people are saying about our tools.

Oh my Gosh! That was so cool. That works perfectly. I am loving it! This is revolutionary for amigurumi makers.


Soooooo easy!

These made attaching my sinker eyes soooooo easy! Really impressed with tool.

– Mary

I am pleasantly surprised with how well these pliers worked! I know these are a work in progress, but they have so much potential and I am excited to see where these pliers go in the future. These are officially added to my crochet tool kit.

Guinspired Crochet

I understand that this is a 3D printed prototype (4 stars for quality) but 5 stars for it suiting its purpose. I have MS and bad hands and this tool is a game changer for me. Thank you!


Amigurumi Creator

These Tools are so Handy!

These tools are so handy. They make putting in safety eyes so fast and easy, and so easy on the fingers and hands.

Designs by Hart

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Thank you all for your support in this tool. We look forward to making it a reality for you.
If you have an audience that you can present to, we still want to hear from you. We will continue to work with collaborations as we move to the retail stage with Craft Easy Tools.